The team of ETH juniors consists of students from ETH Zurich who are passionate about the idea of junior enterprises. We come from different fields of studies, have diverse interests and combine our resources to build a bridge between theory and practice and to gain a deeper understanding of the industrial world.
Seline Merkel
Project Manager, President
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Matthias Stähli
Project Manager, Vice President
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Antonia Mateescu
Project Manager, Industry Relations
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Mark Arnold
Project Manager, Finances
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Christos Gountis
Project Manager, Student Relations
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Rafaél Monasterios
Project Manager, Campus Interview
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Ann-Christin Kerl
Project Manager, IT
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Our board of directors consists of various established personalities from the industry and academia. It provides both oversight and valuable insight regarding long term strategic decisions.
Board of Directors

Join the Team

ETH juniors is constantly looking for new members who are interested in project-based consulting, want to be entrepreneurs during their studies and are ready to bring along dedication, team-working skills and a systematic problem-solving approach.
If you are interested in gathering valuable practical experience, want to get to know project based consulting and also want to build your own network with representatives from different industries, then you have come to the right place!
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Hochstrasse 60A 8044 Zürich
+41 44 632 66 38