ETH juniors carries out projects for national SMEs as well as international enterprises. Our employees are young, talented and highly motivated students who are willing to bring their acquired state of the art knowledge to the industry. Our database of 10 000 potential employees from all departments of ETH Zurich allows us to find the perfect team for each new project.

Process Digitalization

Optimise the efficiency of your processes today with technologies of tomorrow and lead your company into the digital age. We help you transition to industry 4.0 and streamline your entire value creation chain by integrating all your systems.

Information Technology

Be it with apps, image analysis, or websites, we are glad to advise you with different state-of-the-art solutions and help develop functional and user-friendly software tailored to your needs.

Market Research

Get to know the potential of your new product, find out about customer satisfaction, or develop a business plan to maximize your company's success in the years to come.

Innovation Workshops

Be it in product innovation, marketing strategy or advertisement, we can support you in the all stages of idea and concept generation and bring a valuable insight from a fresh perspective.

Contract Staff

A welcome addition to your team in as short as two weeks' time
ETH juniors offers you the opportunity to find a suitable employee, who fulfills all your requirements and is available in the shortest amount of time. We take care of the advertising, selection, staff support as well as all administrative tasks. Your new employee will be directly recruited from ETH Zurich and is thereby highly qualified in their specified fields.

University Marketing

As one of ETH’s biggest recruiting service providers, ETH juniors offers a broad range of possibilities to make your company popular among ETH students. We offer anything from corporate presentations to workshops with selected students all the way to unique events tailored to your wishes.

Company Presentations

Do you want to increase the awareness of your company at ETH and get in touch with interested students? Present your company’s field of activity, convey your mindset and inform students about career opportunities.


Do you wish for an interactive exchange with the students and get to know them better, while they work on a case study? Together we create a workshop tailored to your needs.

Advertising, Flyers and Mailing

Looking for an advertising platform for your recruiting event? We can advertise your event on our website or our several social media pages, distribute posters and flyers and send an email to our student database.

Individual Offers

Do you have any other ideas on how to make your company popular among ETH students? We are open to discuss your ideas with you, find a suitable solution together and present your company the way you want it.

Campus Interview

One Day    ·    One Place    ·    80 Companies    ·    1000 Students
Every year ETH juniors organises the Campus Interview, Switzerlands biggest interview day, where companies can recruit students, graduates and PhDs from ETH Zurich, EPF Lausanne, University of Zurich and University of St. Gallen.
Contrary to conventional recruiting events, companies can choose their prospective interview candidates in advance. Students upload their CVs to our online platform prior to the event. Thanks to various filter functions, it is easy to find and arrange interviews with suitable candidates who match your job specifications. The interviews will take place the 23rd of October 2020 at the Hotel Mövenpick near the Zurich airport.
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