In order to support startups of current and former members of ETH juniors with seed money, we established the jFund in 2014. The jFund is supported by ETH juniors and contributions from friends and companies that would like to support an idea they believe in.
jFund Committee

Companies Supported by the jFund

Oakura Ventures provides startups with access to capital, industry insights and technology expertise: Find and engage vetted experts and potential advisors at your own terms. Get fast answers to relevant questions and boost your startup's chance to succeed!
FanFunding is a crowdfunding platform. It allows sports clubs and athletes to be funded by their fans easily and performance-oriented.
Caplena’s main product is Codit, which equips agencies & corporates with a simple solution to analyze the increasing volume of open-ended feedback. Our AI powered, semi-automated approach significantly reduces the time to insight, while delivering results comparable to manual tagging.
Our mission is to help your crews mastering information overload. Instead of static operation manuals, we deliver dynamic operations manuals: the right information, at the right time, for the right role. Software solutions without proper content digitization will not do the job anymore. That’s why we don’t sell software tools, but use our software to work for you. As a service, proudly made in Switzerland.
ROOBSTER is the next step in the (micro)-urban mobility revolution. With the game changing hand-free technology, ROOBSTER allows you to control your speed and curves only by naturally shifting your body. The ROOBSTER is super lightweight, efficient and provides an unique riding experience.
Archlet, a SaaS startup in procurement, accelerates and improves the strategic sourcing of companies of all sizes. Mathematical optimization and data science uncover hidden opportunities for savings and evaluate various risk scenarios in fractions of a second. With an intuitive web tool, the best shopping strategies are then shown to support decision-making processes.
Adresta AG
Adresta creates digital certificates for high-end timepieces to prove authenticity and ownership. Certificates and documents are securely stored together with the history of the watch from manufacturer to service & repair and pre-owned sale. Every watch is validated and immutably kept through the use of blockchain creating trust and transparency.