The ETH juniors jFund supports start-ups of current and former members of ETH juniors with seed money. The fund is kept alive by the educational contribution of ETH juniors and other contributions from friends and companies that would like to support an idea they believe in. So far ETH Seniors especially have been extremely supportive in their donations and contributed to the ETH juniors jFund.


Other note-worthy donors include:


  • Valentin Vogt,President of the administrative council for Burckhart Compression AG

  • Reto Wey, COO UBS Investment Bank

  • Migros Genossenschaftsbund

  • UBS AG


Help young entrepreneurs start their company with your donations! At the same time, you will be contributing to the public service of the ETH – providing the swiss economy with technological know-how.


  • Bank details: UBS AG, Theaterstrasse 20, 8098 Zürich

  • Account Number: 0225-00108454.01Y

  • IBAN: CH76 0022 5225 1084 5401 Y






Dr. Peter Brunner
+41 44 632 66 38