jFund Committee

Members of the ETH juniors jFund are the members of the funding commission. It is their duty to decide where to spend the money and support the young entrepreneurs. The association was founded on the 29th September 2014.
The funding commission consists of following members:
Dr. Peter Brunner
Founder and President ETH juniors jFund
Senior Consultant - Alumni Impact
Christoph Baur
Founder and Vice-President ETH juniors jFund
General Manager - ABB Turbo Systems Ltd.
Flavio Pfaffhauser
President ETH Seniors Club VP
CTO & Co-Founder Beekeeper
Dr. Silvio Bonaccio
Member of the funding commission
Manager - ETH Transfer
Georg Polzer
Member of the funding commision & Member of the ETH Seniors Club
CEO & Founder - Teralytics AG
Seline Merkel
President ETH juniors
Matthias Stähli
Vice-President ETH juniors