ETH juniors is on the constant lookout for new members who:


/ are interested in project-based consulting 

/ want to be entrepreneurs during their studies

/ bring along dedication, team-working skills and a systematic problem-solving approach


Formal prerequisites are a passed “Basisprüfung” and proficiency in German!


The ETH juniors team acquires, organizes and leads projects in various areas of industry. We are the top-selling junior enterprise in Switzerland and one of the three most successful in Europe.


As a member of ETH juniors, you will be a project manager and represent us to our clients. Together with motivated students, you gather practical experience in business, learn how to conduct projects for various companies and have the possibility to unleash your creativity. In this context, you will also be able to improve your presentation skills and your ability to work in a team.


Are you interested in gathering valuable practical experience regarding your professional future? Do you want to get to know project based consulting and build your own strong network with representatives from different industries? 


We look forward to receiving your application!



Seven great reasons to join ETH juniors


1. Gain experience in project management. 

Gain experience in handling clients, negotiations, project management and consulting – challenge yourself!


2. Improve soft skills, develop professionalism

Improve your communication and team working skills through close cooperation with colleagues on your project, meetings with clients and various workshops with professional consultants.


3. Learn to think like an entrepreneur

As a member, you are part of the main board of ETH juniors. Explore the feeling of leading a company with a six-figure revenue. Contribute to strategic decisions concerning the future of the enterprise and help optimizing internal processes.


4. Establish your professional network

During your time at ETH juniors, you will get to know decision-makers from various companies & fields. These valuable contacts might open doors in your future professional career.


5. Team events, workshops

Many small but invaluable benefits: You will get to know your colleagues during team events. ETH juniors is regularly invited to workshops by well-known consulting companies. Thus, you have the chance to gain insights hidden to most others.


6. ETH Seniors network

After your membership at ETH juniors you will become part of the Seniors network – the Seniors network comprises itself of former juniors, who will always be happy to assist you in any situation!


7. Seed capital for your own company

After your time in the ETH juniors Mainboard you can apply for unconditional seed money from the ETH juniors jFund to create your own company. (since 2015)



Contact for Students

Aline Candrian
+41 44 632 66 38