What are the differences between a membership and project work at ETH juniors? Which is the better option for me?

As a member of ETH juniors, you are on the managing committee of the company. You are responsible for various projects and take care of internal tasks. As a project worker, on the other hand, you are employed at hourly rates by ETH juniors and are responsible for taking care of clearly defined tasks. This gives you the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge gained in your studies and get to know a potential employer, all while earning money. Time and workload vary widely between projects. The two opportunities differ both in time and tasks that are completed. If you are mainly interested in timewise well-defined projects and earnings are important, we would recommend you collaborate on a project. If you are more interested in developing skills, gaining valuable experience in various fields and in leadership or would like to expand your network, then a membership is the right choice!


How do become a project collaborator?

We publish all our job offers on our website as well as on Facebook and through our mailing list. You can then apply for these jobs by writing a short email and attaching your CV. If you find nothing that interests you right now, subscribe to our mailing list. Having done that, you can also send us your CV and we will contact you personally once we have a suitable project.

Which requirements must I fulfill to be become a member of ETH juniors?

Necessary requirements: you are currently a student at ETH Zurich and have passed the Basisprüfung

You are available at least 15 hours a week to work for ETH juniors (this can of course be reduced during the examination periods). Proficiency in German is also a must. We are convinced that, with enough motivation, you will be able to learn everything else on the job. Nevertheless, effective communication and team working skills, analytical thinking and first working experiences are an advantage

What is the admission process to becoming an ETH juniors member?

If you have any questions about the requirements and advantages of becoming an ETH juniors member, or would just like to become acquainted with our team, we would be glad to invite you to an unofficial coffee break at our office before getting involved in the official process. For an official application, you should send us a tabular CV along with a letter of motivation. Assuming you fulfill the requirements, we will invite you to a first interview. This interview serves to get to know you better on a personal level and to assess your motivation and availability. If we are convinced by the first interview, we’ll go ahead and invite you to a second interview where the focus will be on your problem-solving skills. Following this, the team will vote on your membership. Once you have been accepted, a three month trial period will start at the end of which you will become a full-fledged ETH Junior with the right to vote.

Where do I get contracts?

One way is to actively contact companies; however, we also already have many clients that gladly contact us again after a successful collaboration. Being a student company, we have the advantage of being able to offer flexible project staff extremely quickly at competitive prices.


Contact for Students

Aline Candrian
+41 44 632 66 38